Are you questioning if you’re in a solid two-way marketing relationship or in a Match, PlentyofFish, eHarmony nightmare? Much like dating, the relationship you are building with your agency might have you saying…hmmm?

Working with an agency is like venturing into the unknown (insert Jaws theme song here). It’s not always easy to know if the relationship is working in a favorable direction. Transparency and great communication are essential in any relationship, but especially for a relationship with your agency. When you work with an agency there are certain things you should keep an eye on. Take notes on this and the following emails, they may help you evaluate whether your agency is throwing out any “red flags.”

Transparency and Communication – Reasons: 1 & 1.5

1.0 – Your agency should be transparent, always. If your agency isn’t on the ball with transparency and communication then it’s probable that they might be hiding something from you. Is this a clear red-flag that they don’t know what they’re doing? Maybe.

You bet that they don’t stay silent on positive results, then they shouldn’t on negative results either. Sometimes you’ll learn the most about your chosen firm when things go south. The best companies will own it, tell you, and remain proactive until you’re hitting your goals. It’s a partnership where your success is their success. If you feel like you are being left in the dark and your firm is super secret, it’s best to walk away. Transparency equals trust and if you don’t have it, chances are, you never had a great relationship with your agency to begin with. You should always expect 100% transparency. Period.

1.5 – Hire a firm that is like the employee you don’t pay benefits to, part of your team, always available to brainstorm and an extension of your marketing effort. Seems simple.

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