Here is what I’ve discovered. We do a lot right, maybe just by instinct but we do. Something that I have believed for a long time is that Intellectual Capital is not as important as Human Capital. The culture in an organization is more important than the what they sell.

So how can we stay headed in a positive productive and profitable direction?  Keep, Start, Stop is what we do. Once a month or so we meet and level set, check the compass and see what direction we are headed. It is not hard to do. It takes just a little time and some honest reflection.


Right now in your business there are things you are doing that are 100 percent spot on. The products, the services, processes that work for you, work.  These are the things that have an amazing return on investment, they are your core competencies. They are the well vetted icing on your cake. Keep doing all of them. This will be what keeps the lights on.


There is always something that you can do that you are not doing that may be more profitable.  Maybe you are not blogging enough, or sending out creative content in drip campaigns to website visitors.  Maybe it’s time for a pay per click campaign around keywords that will drive web traffic to your site and help grow/convert the sales manager’s hot spot…the pipeline! Find something that you are not doing and start to create a strategy to do so.


We all have our pet projects. All which sounded great as we mocked them up on a cocktail napkin and then they somehow ended up in our marketing plan. Turns out they didn’t work, cost too much to continue, didn’t produce ROI or took up too much time to deploy. So Stop! Refer to how we learn, rinse, repeat!