You hired a web designer, a web developer and you put up an incredible new website. You maximized your budget, and your new site looks great congratulations! It has all the bells and whistles you had hoped for. It showcases your products, your team, your philosophy and how someone can contact you. Snazzy!

The next step is that you’ll probably send out an email announcement and maybe a direct mail piece that screams, “Check us out”,  “Look at the new site”! Some clients, friends and family members do just that, they come and see your new baby (your new website). Then what …(crickets)? Well, if you are like most firms it sits there just like a piece of furniture in your office, that your grandmother gave your mother, which she gave you, dusty and unused. You don’t use it and you don’t throw it away! 

Inbound marketing is the Pledge of the digital age! So grab a rag, dust off that investment and put a shine on your client engagement. 

Here is how.

Simply put, Inbound Marketing or Marketing Automation is the way to use the asset (your site), which you have already invested in, and turn it into a ROI engine. Inbound draws clients to you. We call it Pull Marketing! With the addition of great, creative content you are pulling in interested buyers. The days of potential buyers wishing to have your business cards, phone calls, or a cold call interruption of their day, are long gone. We call that Push Marketing.

So your site is up and just sitting but there are a few things you can do to get noticed. Much like a road map, there are ways to get you there.