Here it is, your first piece of the pie! Marketing Automation, also known here at Boston Impressions as FLOW (Finding Leads On the Web) is a collection of tools designed to automate a company’s marketing strategy. While marketing automation does save time and money, the real value of automation, in the broadest sense, is that it allows businesses to:

•  Identify more qualified leads

• Increase the conversion of those leads

• Increase the resulting revenues

A comprehensive marketing automation service uses a multitude of features to complete those three objectives. Anonymous web visitor identification, lead generation, and drip campaigns are just some of the features that help companies reach those objectives.

VisitorID: Who is visiting your website and what are they interested in? Understanding your prospect’s interests, and in turn, their obstacles are imperative to conversion. With VisitorID we can identify what’s working on your website and give you an idea of what people are interested in and much more.

Lead Generation: Lead Generation, like Chess, is all about strategy. Your goal as a sales and marketing professional is to take a prospect from awareness to decision-making; Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting prospects into delighted customers of your business. As you can see, these two go hand-in-hand.

Drip Campaigns: Giving people the right information at the right time. Creating a drip campaign is a great way to nurture leads who are going to need more information regarding your product or service. We use workflows and triggers to engage leads at critical points in their buying journeys and tailor the drip campaign to each lead based on their unique needs.

Simply put – Automation is a group of tools that are used to set up a Workflow. Marketing Automation is one of the best marketing channels out there because it’s tailored around personalized user experiences. Request a meeting with Tim, our Creative Director to discuss how we can aid you with FLOW and revamp your marketing automation strategy!