Don’t be fooled. Books are judged by their covers. And so is your website. In fact, 75% of people judge a website’s credibility based on that site’s overall aesthetics. – InvisionApp

If you’ve been keeping up with trends and news, then you know that the modern-day website needs to be mobile responsive. In other words, your site should look spectacular no matter the device or screen size it’s accessed from.

And as important as a responsive site is, that’s just a tiny fraction of what you need to consider when you hire a designer and developer.

In the end, it’s important to remember that your website tell your story in a way that motivates your audiences to act. Websites are no longer glorified (and digital) brochures. Your website is potentially your most effective marketing tool. When developing your website, some components to keep in mind include:

  • 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load
  • Adobe states that given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain
  • 70% of people look more closely at lists that feature bullet points

And we’re just getting started. There are dozens – if not hundreds – of tiny nuances that, when used, add up to a flawlessly functioning website that attracts search engines and converts visitors. Want to know how to make your website work for you? Request a meeting with Tim, our Creative Director, to discuss how we can help you weave a website that wows the world! Click here to set up an appointment.