71% of companies say they create 10x more design-related assets today than they did just a few years ago. – Adobe

Every single product and service on the planet is out there competing for attention. What makes them stand out?

Quality design.

But what constitutes as “quality design?” Many people mistakenly believe that the loudest voice in the marketplace is the one that walks away, the winner. But good design doesn’t need to shout to get attention. It relies on a careful blend of form, function, material, and experience to create something that “stands out from the crowd.”

It’s human nature to be drawn to a powerful design. We’ve been trained to believe that average and standard aren’t good enough. Mediocre is nothing more than mundane. We like to be amazed; we crave uniqueness. Good design can tick each of these boxes and all but sweep consumers off their feet.

Ultimately, what makes a good design is a personal thing. There is no scientific formula to follow or magic wand to wave. But generally speaking, good design exudes an aura of positivity and immediately makes clear the benefits and value of an offer.

Achieving good design continues to be a challenge, particularly now that you must consider both print and digital channels. But it’s well worth the effort. A winning design can take an everyday item or experience and make it seem so much more important than you thought. But how, exactly, can you use design to woo and wow your audiences?

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