Up in the Lincoln/Woodstock area of NH there sits the award-winning Woodstock Inn Station and Brewery. Behind the bar for 20 plus years stands a bartender known to regulars as Fitzy. He has touched the lives of countless patrons. Community members or seasonal travelers have had Fitzy brighten their day every time he served up a pint.

Last September Fitzy and his family were faced with one of life’s most difficult battles – cancer, all too familiar to many of us. The news is good though and Fitzy has a positive prognosis.

So what did the community do? Rallied!

We had a small part of an amazing evening designing a Friendly Fitzy poster and shirt. An evening of fundraising was held at the Brewery where Woodstock created a tasty brew called “Friendly Fitzy Ale” and hundreds came out to donate, eat, drink and show support and gratitude.