The New England Craft Brew Summit is the ultimate haven for beer enthusiasts, brewery owners, and industry professionals alike. As an educational conference, trade show, and networking extravaganza, this premier regional event offers something for everyone involved in the craft beer industry. We hopped over (pun intended) to check it out, and we’re excited to share our impressions and experiences with you!

Bart & Holly: The Beerific Duo:
The Brewers Association’s Bart Watson, Chief Economist, and Holly Haslam, HR Partner, took center stage. These two experts shared their wisdom and offered practical advice, combining their unique perspectives to provide invaluable insights for attendees.

Divide and Conquer: Two Tracks, One Roof:
The event organizers masterfully designed the conference, housing all sessions and the vendor expo under one roof. This allowed for a seamless and efficient learning experience. The summit cleverly divided sessions into two tracks: “Technical Brewing” for the brewmasters and “The Business of Beer” for the entrepreneurial types. It’s like the barley and hops of a well-balanced ale – everyone had a taste of what they needed!

Cheers to Networking:
The New England Brew Summit brought together brewers from around the Northeast, fostering an environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Workshops and panel discussions delved into key brewing topics, providing valuable insights for both brewers and brewery owners. The vendor exhibition and beer sampling stations added an extra layer of excitement, as participants connected over their shared passion for craft beer.

Marketing and Design Brew-lutions:
We met countless industry leaders and offered our services in marketing and design for labels, packaging, and more. Think of us as the yeast that helps your craft beer brand rise to the occasion!

The 2023 New England Craft Brew Summit was an unforgettable experience, brimming with knowledge, innovation, and camaraderie. We left with a deeper appreciation for the craft beer industry and the passionate individuals who drive it forward. Cheers to a successful summit, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!