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You’ve brainstormed some exciting marketing ideas for your business this year, but now what? Perhaps you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’ve considered your team’s capacity, and what they are equipped to take on from a marketing perspective only to come to the realization that other things need to take precedence. Internal marketing departments are usually short-staffed and don’t have the resources to pull off big projects and campaigns.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal for companies to outsource their marketing, since dedicated agencies can provide you with the resources necessary to achieve your marketing goals. We like to say – think of us as the employees you don’t pay benefits to; an extension of your team who’s ready and raring to go.

Let’s look at a few tell-tale signs that indicate you’re ready to hire a full-service marketing agency… if any of these ring true, it’s time to outsource your marketing.


1. Marketing Is an Afterthought

Not all businesses or institutions can effectively split their attention across product or service development and marketing. It’s easy to remain laser-focused on making your product or service the best it can be, so it’s understandable that urgent, immediate impact tasks will take precedence over marketing.

Without marketing though, your product or service can’t reach its full potential. An agency’s focus is solely on your marketing strategy and brand recognition, allowing you to continue to focus on what you do best. When you outsource your marketing, gone are the days of spreading yourself too thin juggling social media, website updates, and email campaigns.


2. You’re Lacking Quality Leads

Sales and marketing go together like those 2 inseparable friends in high school that would immediately look at each other the second that the teacher announced a group project.

Even though your sales team is producing high-quality work, your company may not be generating the leads you would like. It can be frustrating for your team to see a lack of return on their effort. A marketing agency can work with your sales team to build a plan that incorporates their sales process into marketing strategies which guides good leads directly to them.


3. You Don’t Like Marketing

Let’s be honest. Your business or institution is your primary focus. No matter your industry, that’s been your priority for years. You haven’t had the time, or possibly the desire, to learn about digital marketing. However, you don’t need to love marketing to recognize its value. Digital marketing agencies are specialists who are passionate about it. Pair that will their know-how and your marketing strategies will begin to soar.


4. Your Team Isn’t Well-Versed in Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you or your organization lacks marketing skills. Your team can be spread thin trying to tackle marketing tasks along with their daily responsibilities, and taking the time to learn about marketing can take away from your team accomplishing other goals. Recognizing this is the first step to opening doors for your company to improve.

Agencies have the time dedicated to choose the best strategy for your business or institution and have the expertise to implement it as well, allowing your team to return their focus to their preferred responsibilities.


5. Your Website Is Outdated

Your website is the face of your brand. A clean, well optimized, easy to navigate website with a clear conversion path will determine whether or not you generate business. Sure, your website is functioning, but it is performing? There are so many areas of marketing between design, development, content creation, analytics, SEO rankings, campaign optimization – it’s hard for one sole person to be 100% knowledgeable in every area of digital marketing.

An updated website will not only look good to users but will also greatly improve your SEO. This is because Google rankings favor sites that are user-friendly and provide useful information to viewers. So, involving a marketing agency is in your best interest here.


6. You Need A Fresh Perspective

If everything you create seems to be stale or dull in comparison to the competition, then hiring a digital marketing agency is the way to go. By working with a marketing agency, your company or institution is given a team with a fresh perspective on your product or service and your marketing efforts. Additionally, you’re given access to the diversity of their ideas and skills. Between graphic designers, creative directors, web developers, and marketing experts – agencies have mastered the art of storytelling on all platforms. Working with an agency that suits your needs is a pivotal part of staying ahead of your competition.


7. You Can’t Afford A Marketing Budget

Believe it or not, there are many times when working with an agency will be far cheaper than trying to do everything in-house. Hiring internal marketers gets expensive fairly quickly. Your business could be out of $200,000 just from two or three quality hires. Factor in a typical 3 month ramp up period, and you’re looking at a major investment; with less of a proven track record than a reputable digital marketing agency.

If the above doesn’t sound affordable to you, then it probably isn’t. You might be surprised at the value you can get out of an agency when you consider all the resources they bring to the table.


The Way We See It

We feel we’ve been ahead of the outsourcing curve by decades. If last year wasn’t proof of concept enough, creative, thoughtful work could be completed without the need to be huddled around the office conference table. With Boston Impressions in your pocket, you have a team of award-winning designers and digital marketers just a Zoom away.


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