Yes, you read that correctly! In a year filled with uncertainty, working remotely, wearing masks, keeping a safe distance, canceling events, and all the other personal and business turmoil that went along with the pandemic, came a silver lining that we must not overlook. A gut check resilience, new connections and friends, doors opening, stronger faith in God’s plan for us, and glimpses of the strength of the human spirit at every turn.

So, here is an example.
In May, I joined an online course, one of many I signed up for in 2020, as it turns out (which is a story for another post). This one was offered by sales guru Jeffery Gitomer (JG). If you don’t know JG, check out his NY Times best-selling sales book “The Little Red Book of Selling.” I read it 20 years ago and have followed Gitomer since; getting his emails, listening to his podcasts and YouTube videos, reading some of his other books, etc.

So, when I found myself here in the studio solo, I felt I needed a community and some good ol’ daily motivation. The course was called “The New Normal,” which comprised many modules of several 2-5-minute videos, and it was the kick in the butt that I needed. With it came a Facebook page called “Emerging Sales Winners” (ESW), which was the real gold. JG would go LIVE on Facebook every day @ 9:59am and talk/welcome attendees from all over the globe.

Enter Megamind and Eric “Bam” Burns.
On June 10th, I got a video message from Eric Bam. At that point in the ESW group, Jeffery Gitomer was trying to upsell us to a “Mastermind” class. However, Eric’s message said simply—we are not Masterminds…we are Megaminds—and that kicked off a relationship with 23 hand-picked sales and marketing pros from Halifax to Louisville, from Buffalo, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh to San Francisco and Iowa, to Vancouver, BC and a few in-between, with a simple goal, to connect, motivate, and encourage one another.

Since June, we have met on Mondays to share our goals for the week and on Fridays for “Happy Hour” to share our progress and successes. We have coined phrases like “Crush N’ Brag,” where you would jump on the group Facebook page and video brag about a win. Out of these 23 professionals, no less than 10 LIVE weekly interview shows have sprung up. There are daily video and voice messages, and they are always there to prop each other up in good times and bad. We’ve walked 1000’s of miles together over the summer and fall, taking care of the mind and body’s health. And in October, we had the first Megamind Summit in Kansas City, and we plan on another in 2021 when we can all travel.

I have made friends for life and have networked with several that has turned into real business opportunities. I often joke that I would have paid 3-Easy payments for this once in a lifetime meeting. Thank you, Jeffery Gitomer, for bringing us all together in a roundabout way and, most importantly, Eric Bam for kicking off the best “Mastermind” group ever. Megamind has become a blessing, and I am forever grateful.