In early 2022, our marketing strategy was struggling and we decided to retain the services of the team at Boston Impressions to help improve our social media strategy and increase our SEO ratings. All I can say is that we should have made this decision YEARS ago!The team at Boston Impressions quickly learned our industry and competition and guided us through the process of improving our visibility online, while creating a very consistent Social Media strategy. Additionally, the team at Boston Impressions analyzed our Google Adwords campaign and made recommendations for changes that resulted in instant improvements in the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of our campaigns. And finally, the team incorporated short video clips to ensure instant attraction to our social media posts, resulting in improved open rates.I highly recommend the team at Boston Impressions and encourage any business looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategy to reach out – you won’t regret it!

Bob Camire,
New England Document Systems,
Director of Operations